Washer & Dryer Repair


Washing Machine Service & Repair

Most home owners take their washing machines for granted – until something goes wrong!  Some of the most common problems/issues associated with washing machines are:

  • it has stopped spinning and/or the agitator stopped working
  • it simply won’t turn on (most commonly a power issue)
  • it won’t complete a specific cycle or any of the cycles attempted
  • the water does not drain out after specific cycles or at all
  • the machine is leaking water from somewhere

The problem may be simple or it may require some considerable repair work.  In any case, we have the expertise to figure it out and get your washing machine back in working order.  We service most major brands including Whirlpool, Kenmore, Amana, LG, Maytag, GE and many more.  Our truck is stocked with the most common parts needed to fix most problems to minimize down time on your washer.

Dryer Service & Repair

Have you ever been stuck with a full load of wet clothes and a dryer that won’t work for some reason?
Similar to washing machines, there are some common issues associated with dryers that just stopped working, such as:

  • it simply won’t turn on (most commonly a power issue)
  • it has a loss of heat or no heat at all
  • the drum has stopped tumbling (spinning)
  • the dryer is loud or making strange noises

It is important to make sure and keep the dryer lint trap and vent system free of lint & debris.  Clogged vents can cause heating issues and, in some cases, could potentially cause a fire.  Regular checks of the vent system can keep you safe and insure your machine is drying clothes the way it should be.

We can help solve the issues you may be having with your dryer.  We’ll make sure we inspect your dryer and identify the issue.  We’ll consult with you before making any repairs and as always – we’ll clean up our mess!  Call us today for a prompt response on your washer & dryer repairs!