Dishwasher & Garbage Disposal Repair

dishwasher repair

Dishwasher Repair

The dishwasher has become a convenience standard in many households today.  You load it up with dishes and a little detergent and it cleans a sinkful (or more) of dirty dishes.  The concept is wonderful – until something goes wrong.


Most of the calls we receive for possible dishwasher repairs boil down to these common issues:

  • the unit will not run at all (check power source first)
  • water is leaking from the unit or somewhere in the water line/drain line
  • water is not entering the unit
  • the dishes are not drying or the heating element seems to be broken
  • the detergent cup is malfunctioning or not emptying properly during the cycle
  • one or more of the cycles are not working properly
  • the unit is making loud or unusual noises

Garbage Disposal Repair

Another useful appliance is the garbage disposal unit.  If maintained properly and used correctly it can be a handy addition to any sink – helping to quickly eliminate food waste.  One note of caution: before attempting to “unclog” any garbage disposal unit make sure the switch is off and the power cord is unplugged.  The blades will cut your fingers as easily as they will grind up leftover celery stalks.

The most common malfunctions/issues associated with garbage disposal units are:

  • the unit is clogged and the sink is backed up
  • the unit will not run (check power source first)
  • the disposal is making loud or unusual sounds
  • the unit is leaking water

In most cases the dishwasher and garbage disposal share water lines and drain pipes underneath the kitchen sink.  While they may each develop their own issues, sometimes an issue with one unit causes a problem with the other.  Most of the time, however, the problem is isolated to one unit or the other.  Whenever water leakage occurs (which can happen with these appliances) a homeowner wants the repair done as quickly as possible to avoid further damage & hassle.

We carry the most common repair parts & accessories right on our truck.  That way, our customers don’t have to wait any longer than they need to for a repair to be done.  We’ll clean up any mess we cause in the repair of your appliance – no leftover screws & bolt on the floor.  Call us today for a prompt response!